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Wayne Jones has a proud history of workmanship, with over 30 years under his belt.

With extensive experience in the industry ranging from Industrial, Commercial, Refining and Domestic Fabrication & Metalwork, his passion for the industry is second to none. 

He can work with you to bring your vision to life, and design & create that special individual, unique piece of metal art, signage or furniture to meet your requirements. With the delivery of quality workmanship and high attention to detail, he can problem-solve on the job & offer custom solutions. 

Image by Max LaRochelle
Metal Grinder Tool


  • Certification in Pressure Vessel fabrication and welding(in Aust) 

  • Tank Fabrication & Welding (in Aust & UK)

  • Pressure Pipe Welding & Fitting in Refineries & Process Plants (in Aust)  

  • Structural steel fabrication & welding (Australia & UK)  

  • All aspects of steel & alloy fabrication & welding. 

  • All aspects of welding including MMAW (Stick Welding) TIG, MIG, sub arc.

  • CNC Plasma Machines


  • 2.  ASME9 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers (9)

  • Pressure Pipe Welding

  • Australian Pipe & Plate Welding Certification 

  • Trades Indenture for Steel Fabrication & Boilmaking 

  • Tickets - Advanced Boiler & Steam Turbine Operation, Elevated Work Platform & Forklift. 

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